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Center for Media Research (CMR)

Dr. DharmaKeerthi Sri Ranjan
Senior Lecturer
Center for Media research (CMR)
Special Lecture on " Towards a New Directions of Research Methodology  in Social Studies & Humanaties..., Semiotics,Dialectics &  Deconstructions"
by Desmond  Mallikarachchi

Workshops for Advanced Level Students

The Center for Media Research (CMR) of Sri Palee Campus, University of Colombo will develop its own characterized media research school dominating the media industry. The academic discipline of the School of Mass Media and the school of Performing arts of Sri Palee campus has been developed into towering figures in the modern period in Sri Lanka. Now these have been organized into a leading independent academic discipline renowned for its work in the field of education over a decade.

We recognize that we are now living in a multi-centered media world in which the global balance is changing rapidly. We are therefore committed to addressing theoretically and empirically the Eurocentrism which still pervades so much the discussions of the non-Western world. To appreciate the richness, dynamism and complexity of media in regions like Asia, the Middle East and Africa one requires specialist knowledge of these cultures, societies, political economies and their inter-relations, which is our concern. So in recent years, Sri Palee Campus has been a wider growing interest in the potential of media research and social research. We intend to identify key conceptual and practical trajectories in the field, with particular reference to its professionalization, and also the key understandings, issues and differences in vision and shape of the field of research. CMR innovation brings together many disciplines and technical competencies too. CMR will be unique in this respect in that its research will span everything from basic natural sciences, mechanical and electrical engineering through to social sciences.
The Center for Media Research of Sri Palee Campus is concerned with the impact of media on contemporary society and to seek the traditions to promote research, teaching, communal events and advanced studies in media and media-related fields and build customs for the media to serve better the communal interest and the development policies at the national and international level. It will attempt strongly with universities, research institutions, and media organizations to produce graduates, academics and other professionals who will then have practical skills and academic foundations to cater to the demands of the media industry in a globalizing era and of novel technological advances. The Center will also be a forum for discussions on media development and serve as a medium for dissemination of information and sharing of research findings. At the same time it would promote cooperation and collaborative ventures among media organizations at local and international levels. Through this, Center for Media Research of Sri Palee Campus hopes to secure an Asian perspective and the voice in the international media scene.
● To introduce and improving access to facilities research information and
   involving in courses leading to basic and post- graduate degrees in Media.
● To search out the latest ideas and innovations to advance the media industry
   in an increasingly global and technologically-driven environment.
● To embark on research and advanced studies in media and media-related
  ● To disseminate information and research, to create new and improved
   methods and provide incisive interpretations of research findings.
● To generate recourses in the forms of industry supported projects and
   consultancy program.
● To ensure the stability and continuity of the research initiative and promote
   cooperation and collaborative ventures among media organizations at local
   and international levels.
 The Center (CMR) shall strive to achieve
 the following specific objectives:
● To be a forum for discussions on developments in media and to support the
   media and media-related training programs.

 ● To identify needed research areas in
   national and international media scene.
 ● To promote the voice of research and
   perspectives in the national media scene.


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